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Dorf Tirol and its surroundings are also the perfect location for all cycle fans: choose a relaxing tour through beautiful orchards or go for a demanding excursion across alpine meadows and forests – the varied landscape and the number of interesting itineraries will surely satisfy every demand.

Bike rental service

Bar Café Haweli, Purenweg 5 - Dorf Tirol, telephone +39 335 7098725
Opening times: Monday - Friday, 07.00 am - 07.00 pm

E-Bike rental service
Tirol Bike (Hotel Alpenhof), Hauptstraße 50 - Dorf Tirol, telephone +39 0473 926007
Opening times:
every day apart from Tuesdays, 09.00 am - 12.00 noon and 03.00 pm - 06.00 pm

A range of tour suggestions in the surroundings of Dorf Tirol

Dorf Tirol - St.Leonhard in the Passeier Valley

We start our tour in the village centre of Dorf Tirol and we take the Aichweg to the Jaufenstraße. At the Eichenhof we cross the provincial road and we take a meadow path to the Passer river. We cycle along the marked cycle path to Saltaus, St. Martin until we reach St. Leonhard.

Detailed tour data
Departure Dorf Tirol (600m)
Arrival St.Leonhard (693m)
Max height St.Leonhard (693m)
Min height Lazag (300m)
Difference in altitude 400 m
Total length 40 km
Travel time 1.5 - 2 hours
Degree of difficulty Easy tour
Trail Dorf Tirol centre - Aichweg - Passerweg - Saltaus - St.Martin - St.Leonhard

Meran - Weinstrasse - Nals

We start in Meran at the car parking of the Meranarena (exit). There, we turn right into the Gampenstraße in the direction of Marling. We cross the Marlinger bridge to the Burggräfler Kellerei. There, we turn into the Kellereistraße and take the Marlinger Weg on the left until we reach the Lebenbergstraße. This road proceeds slightly steep to Baslan Castle. On the left hand side we follow the Baslinger Straße downwards through orchards and we arrive to the village entry of Tscherms. After the Tschermserhof we turn left into the Trojenweg and we continue on that path to the Falschauerdamm; we proceed in the direction of Oberlana and further on across the pedestrian bridge to the Feldweg. We take the 2nd path on the right (St. Agatha-Weg) and we cycle to the Tribusplatz square. We cross the square and we follow the road until we reach the Parish Church in Niederlana. There, we continue straight on until we reach the Weinstraße. We follow that road to Nals.

Detailed tour data
Departure Meran (328m)
Arrival Nals
Max height Meran (328m)
Min height Lana (289m)
Difference in altitude 200 m
Total length 17 km
Travel time 2 hours
Degree of difficulty Easy tour
Trail Meran - Gampenstraße - Kellereistraße - Marlinger Weg - Lebenbergstraße - Baslinger Straße - Tscherms - Trojenweg - Falschauerdamm - St. Agatha Weg - Weinstraße - Nals
Hafling - Vöraner Alp - Hafling

Hafling - Vöraner Alp - Hafling

Opposite the car parking situated in the village centre of Hafling (below the Parish Church, on the road to Vöran), we take the marked forestry path nr. 16 to the Leadner Alp (1,514 m). From the Leadner Alp we proceed to the Vöraner Alp (1,875 m). The tour continues on the marked hiking trail nr. 2 in the direction of the Wurzalm. There, we take the forestry path which leads us back to Hafling.

Detailed tour data
Departure Hafling (1,300m)
Arrival Hafling (1,300m)
Max height Vöraner Alp (1,875m)
Min height Hafling (1,300m)
Difference in altitude 600 m
Total length 10 km
Travel time 3 - 4 hours
Degree of difficulty Easy to moderate tour
Trail Hafling/village centre - Leadner Alp (Weg Nr. 16) - Vöraner Alp - Wurzalm - Hafling
Algund – Thurnstein Castle - Dorf Tirol - Algund

Töll - Quadrat - Vigiljoch - Aschbach - Töll

Starting point: Töll. We cross the Etsch bridge and we turn left into the steep asphalted road to the Niederhof farm (811 m). We continue in the direction of the Restaurant Brünnl until we reach Mahlbach (1,219 m). We proceed on the non-asphalted road to the Rasner Kreuz (1,416 m). At the crossroads we turn left towards Vigiljoch. After a few sharp bends and a flat section we arrive to the Vigiljochstraße, past the Restaurant Seespitz (1,730 m) and a lake. This road takes us further on to the Restaurant Jocher (1,793 m). Below the Restaurant we take the forestry path on the right hand side which ends in Aschbach. On the provincial road we come back to our starting point on the Töll.

Detailed tour data
Departure Töll (508m)
Arrival Töll (508m)
Max height Gasthof Jocher (1,793m)
Min height Töll (508m)
Difference in altitude 1,250 m
Total length 25 km
Travel time 5 hours
Degree of difficulty Demanding tour
Trail Töll - Niederhof - Gasthaus Brünnl - Mahlbach - Rasner Kreuz - Vigiljochstraße - Gasthaus Seespitz - Gasthof Jocher - Aschbach - Töll